can we just talk about how great the joke is since David Aja the artist is also famous for doing the Iron Fist Immortal Weapons series with Fraction and his Danny Rand looks a lot like his Clint Barton 


I laughed so hard… apparently the joke isn’t as funny when you have to have it explained to you… :/. 

thelifeofayounglady asked:

If a guy can't accept you for you,he doesn't deserve you it's as simple as that. Don't forget your self-worth,because some stupid guy can't see your beauty on the inside or out. Don't be a cigarette where they use you and then step on you,be a drug where the die for you. You're Beautiful,Hun and always remember that. Don't let some guy define you....😘😄😋😆 There's a guy dying to meet a girl like you,just wait on it☺️😊

That’s awesome thank you!!!!!! I’d never thought of it like that ;)

Anonymous asked:

I just wanted to pop in and say that you are absolutely beautiful! Seriously, so stunning and perfectly formed x

Owh bless you! Thanks anon! :D <3 I hope you’re having a great day because people like you deserve it!

Leah xo

I feel like because I’m fat, guys see me as desperate, flirtatious and clingy and seen as though I just want a boyfriend.
I wonder if they’ll ever know that just because I’m overweight it doesn’t mean I WANT a boyfriend.
My self worth does not come from male attention just because I’m chubby.