Oopsie! Almost forgot to upload my Friday selfie :) hehe you almost missed out, world


just a reminder that you are important, you do make a difference, and the impact you have on the people around you is so much greater than you can see

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'Nothing' lasts for ever

apparently my happiness come under this bracket

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Good Vibes HERE

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Thursday selfies! Back to Coventry singing so long to Droitwich - cant believe this happened but its all part of Gods plan I guess :) xo

Wednesday’s selfie with the bestie! :) a little bit of retail therapy (we didn’t even buy anything) to help calm me down! She’s the best :)

I regret not getting that dress now :(

So my placement has been termonated 6days before I finish - well this is rubbish

But God is good

Selfie for Tuesday…

Its been a long and difficult day and its been difficult especially as I’m feeling quite ill… please keep me in your prayers - Goodnight from me and Elmo :) xo

Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face.

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You are not alone in this.

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It’s Ok To Be A Christian And Go Through Tough Times

ashlepak asked: yay your following me! :)

YAY I thought I already was! haha

After making my sister watch Frozen, she told me tonight that she thinks that we are like Anna and Elsa…

She was older and she would shut me out, and she did for about 3-4 years, maybe not in the same way but it was still there, but I never really stopped waiting for her to play with me. I became weary but I never gave up.

She apologised - I don’t think I can ever watch Frozen in the same way again but I still love it 

I skyped her earlier this evening and we sang the ’ do you want to build a snowman’ song

I love how far we have come - I love her so much :D 

That film speaks to me so much! It’s crazy!