UPDATE! :D I went to see my dad after church today!

He is doing a lot better, he’s back from the brink which is AMAZING because it was a scary couple of days where his temp was so high it was worrying as to how long he’d last. He was very cheery, but a little tired and fed up of being couped up inside the ward for a week…

Thank you all so so much for your prayers! Our whole family appreciates it, and my dad sends his love and appreciation to you all! :) When I get to see him next, I will try and get a picture of he and I together to show you, hopefully when he eventually gets home again! 

He’s able to stand and walk around a little now since the operation and he is okay to wash himself etc.. It’s great to see the life back in his cheeks! Thank you all again, so much!

[[[Also, just a little thing: Something crazy happened on visiting today involving one of the other patients using a zimmer frame to smash through the double plated windows on my dads ward on the 7th floor to try and jump out because he wanted to go home… Dad managed to get him to stop eventually and security guards and nurses calmed him down and such… was very scary, but he’s okay now too.]]]